About us

Our company is a Manchester based Fashion House.

We have used our expertise in fabrics, manufacture and innovative design to create exciting new products. We thrive on making these practical products look fantastic, unique, with a fashion led twist!

How the coz-e-reader concept was born…

One of our Twinfin Designers was struggling to find a comfortable way to position her Kindle whilst lying in bed. Her husband wasn’t happy with using his back as a rest and so came the light bulb moment to make herself a cushion.

Coz-e-reader was born….


Coz-e-reader cushion for e-readers is compatible with e-readers of all shapes and sizes, including Kindle, Nook, iPod and Kobo.

Coz-e-reader cushion for tablets is compatible with all known tablets, iPads and iPad Air.

Whether you choose the e-reader or tablet cushion, it can be used almost anywhere…in bed, on the train, on the sofa, on the plane or relaxing on holiday. You can even use a coz-e-reader while cooking!

If you think of somewhere else to use your cushion be sure to send us an image for the website gallery. In fact, send us an image wherever you decide to use it we would love to hear from you. Send you images to; sales@coz-e-reader.com.

All coz-e-reader products have been tested to a high standard.

The coz-e-reader design and name is trademarked to Twinfin Ltd.

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